New Site Reduces or Eliminates Marijuana Convictions Under California's Prop. 64 – For Free

San Rafael, California – December 15, 2016

California's Prop. 64, passed on November 8, allows people convicted of marijuana offenses to reduce or eliminate their convictions.

Criminal Defense Attorney, David Pullman, a former drug offender and convict himself, estimates that over one million people are now eligible for some form of relief under Prop. 64.

Pullman has launched an online service, Prop. 64 Clear Your Record, that allows people with marijuana convictions to create and print the legal petitions required to "clear their record." The do-it-yourself service is being provided for free, in contrast with law firms charging hundreds and even thousands of dollars to do the same.

"I'm offering this service for free because nobody's financial circumstances should prevent them from obtaining relief from burdensome convictions stemming from the bizarre criminalization of benign plant matter. The criminalization of marijuana is a century-long human rights disaster and the state owes these people an apology, not another onerous and expensive legal process."
– David J. Pullman

According to Pullman, California's Judicial Council was required by Prop. 64 to provide forms that people could use to clear their marijuana convictions, but has yet to do so, forcing people to incur the cost of hiring a lawyer to navigate the process.

This leaves Pullman's site,, as the only available choice for people who want to clear up their marijuana convictions at no cost. The user answers a series of questions regarding the offense, and the site creates a customized petition ready to print and file with the court.

"99% of people with marijuana convictions can use this site to clear their record without hiring a lawyer. Clearing up a record of conviction, especially for felonies, can improve your ability to get employment and various occupational licenses. You can be immediately released from incarceration, electronic monitoring, probation, parole, post release community supervision, or mandatory supervision. If you have no other felony convictions, your rights to be on a jury or buy and possess a firearm will be restored. If you get in trouble with the law in the future, they won’t be able to use these past convictions against you."
– David J. Pullman
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