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Reduce or eliminate marijuana convictions – for free!

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Prop. 64 can free you from marijuana convictions

With California’s passage of Prop. 64 you can now clear your record of marijuana-related convictions.

To take advantage of the change in law you need to file a petition with the court.

Lawyers will charge hundreds of dollars to do this for you, but you can do it yourself – for FREE – by using this site to print the necessary paperwork.

Just fill out the form below and follow the simple instructions for printing your petition and filing it with the court.

It’s quick, it’s easy and it saves you money

A Message From Attorney David Pullman

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Greetings, fellow convicts (don’t worry, I’m also a lawyer!). Thanks to the passage of Proposition 64, it is estimated that over one million people are eligible for some form of relief from the consequences of their marijuana-related convictions. As of November 9, 2016 : felonies can be reduced to misdemeanors, infractions, or no crime at all misdemeanors can be reduced to infractions or no crime at all

99% of people with marijuana convictions can use this site to clear their record without hiring a lawyer. The other 1% fall into a category where exceptions apply. Our petition generator will determine whether any of these exceptions apply to you.

In most cases the judge has no discretion and must, by law, grant your petition. However, there are some situations in which there are exceptions that give the judge the discretion to either grant or deny your petition. In those cases, when filling out the form below, you will be shown a list of the exceptions and asked to verify that none of them apply to you. If one of the exceptions does apply, you will be advised to consult with an attorney rather than handling the petition on your own.

To clear your record you need to file a petition with the court.

Lawyers will typically charge hundreds of dollars to handle such petitions, but I have drafted petitions you can use to do it yourself – for free.

We put a lot of time and energy into this site and we want to make sure everyone can benefit from it regardless of their ability to pay. That said, your support is greatly appreciated; you can help us help others by making a donation.

Clearing up a record of conviction, especially for felonies, can improve your ability to get employment and various occupational licenses. You can be immediately released from incarceration, electronic monitoring, probation, parole, post release community supervision, or mandatory supervision. If you have no other felony convictions, your rights to be on a jury or buy and possess a firearm will be restored. If you get in trouble with the law in the future, they won’t be able to use these past convictions against you.

I hope many people use these petitions to empower themselves to a new level of freedom.

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This information will be printed on your petition and declaration.

Enter your full legal name, and other contact information.

Court Date

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Request a court date at least two weeks from the date you intend to file your petition. When you file your petition, the clerk may ask you to pick a different date to meet the court’s schedule.


Your petition and declaration have been created.

Print and File

Filing Instructions

  1. Print out four copies of the document and sign the petition and the declaration on each one.
    • Remember to turn off printing of headers and footers in your browser’s print menu. (How do I do this?)
  2. Go to the criminal clerk’s desk at the {{ user.county.label }} County courthouse and file the petition. The clerk will keep one or two copies and stamp your other copies and return them to you. The clerk may change, or ask you to change, the requested date of your hearing to fit the court’s calendar.
  3. Go to the {{ user.county.label }} County District Attorney’s office and give them the two file-stamped copies of your petition. They will keep one and stamp the other and give it back to you for your records.

  4. Show up for court at the time and date that the clerk confirmed with you. When they call your name, come forward. The judge and the prosecutor will do all the talking. By law, the judge has no choice but to grant your petition. If, for some reason, the judge does not grant your petition, ask if you can come back on another date with a lawyer.

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